Thursday, July 8, 2010



 Ingredients  required  for making white sauce:

1.white flour(maida):3 to 4 tbsp

2.crushed garlic:2 to 3 tsp

3.butter:1 to 2 tbsp

4.milk:less than half glass

5.salt:to taste

6.cheese cubes(grated):2 to 3 tsp pepper:to taste

8.oregano:to taste

9.water:little bit

Method of making white sauce:

1.Take a pan,heat it and put butter in it .

2.when butter is melted in the pan,put crushed garlic.

3.when garlic turns little bit dark yellow ,then add maida(white flour)

4.when the maida turns light yellow,switch of the gas and put milk in it you will see that after putting milk lumps are forming and sauce is becoming thick,now you will put little bit water so that sauce is not so thick boil the sauce which you have made.

8.again you will see lumps are forming little bit,so you will little bit put more water.

9.the consistency of the sauce should be smooth and little bit thick.

10.when your sauce is ready,put salt,pepper,oregano and grated cheese.

11.and transfer this sauce in the serving bowl and keep aside for sometime.

Ingredients required for making chicken pasta:

1.chicken(boiled and shredded):5 to 6 tbsp for putting in the white sauce:

2.fusilli pasta(boiled): one bowl the white sauce which  you have made,put chicken in it(shredded and boiled ) in it

b.then at the end put boiled pasta in it or any form of pasta.

c.and garnish it with grated cheese.

d.and serve it hot


ankit said...

ur foood seems to be really deliciou gud work!

Lily said...

I just wish I could cook, but this sounds amazing!!! GOOOD choice in food. When I have the patience and time I will definetly try this out. I really like your blog, now whenever my moms like, "what do you want for dinner?" I can tell her, CHICKEN PASTA IN CHEESE WHITE SAUCE, and then show her a recipe and my tummy will be happy. THANK YOU.

Bakul said...

I have tasted megha's pasta in cheesy white sauce, it is brilliant!! I am dyin got hav it again!

Akanksha Verma said...

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